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OTO Preneurs of Negros Oriental – DTI

by in News, Updates September 22, 2021
Raw Brown Sugar Milling Company, Inc., is a family-owned corporation located at Pamplona, Negros Oriental, Philippines. It was born from the vision of President and Chairman, Atty. Alejandro Florian O. Alcantara. What began as 1 hectare of sugarcane plantation grew to around 130 hectares which is then processed to what we call “Muscovado”, a specialty sugar known for its characteristic aroma and taste.
The organic raw brown sugar they produce comes in the form of powder, syrup, cubes, and rocks. These products are sold in both domestic and international markets. It exports about 90% of its production to US, EU, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand, Middle Eastern Countries, Malaysia, and Hong Kong; while 10% are sold in the Philippine domestic market. The materialization of the company in 2010 has provided meaningful employment and career opportunities to the people within its community.
A vision turned into a reality, that is Raw Brown Sugar. Come and discover the story of OTOPreneur, Atty. Alejandro Florian Alcantara, founding chairman of Raw Brown Sugar Milling Co., Inc.