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The Sweet Taste of Success

by in News February 27, 2018

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Raw Brown Sugar - Team

The price volatility of cane sugar owing to the rise of other sweeteners in the world market has compelled a lawyer in Negros Oriental to face the challenge head on.

At stake were his investments in sugarcane plantations from his 26-year legal practice, making A~. Alejandro Florian Alcantara put up the Raw Brown Sugar Milling Co., which began operations in February 2010. The objective was to produce organic muscovado sugar targeted at a new but growing niche market. but it was not easy. Eventually. Atty. Alcantara had to seek government help, specifically from the Department of Science and Technology (DOsn, for the design of his sugar mill, the equipment, and the manpower training required. After putting1he DOST’s technology to work_ A~. Alcantara rushed to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTO for help in gaining access to foreign markets. He got invited to 1he 2010 International Food Exhibition (IFEX) Philippines,1he country’s biggest global foods and ingredients trade show organized biennially by DTI’s export promotions arm Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions {CfTEM). “That was the start of our entry into the international market” Attj. Alcantara says.

The company emerged as one of IFEX.s top three exhibitors and received from CITEM a free trip to Japan for the Association of South East Asian NationsJapan Food Exposition in Tokyo that same year. The company’s partidpation in other international food expositions soon followed, specifically in South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, France, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. “I think .•• 95 percent of our production is now sold outside the Philippines,” Atty. Alcantara muses. Sales have grown exponentially every year since 2010. raising the company’s output from 500 kilos to a whopping 6,rm to 10,000 kilos daily. The factory runs on electric power fueled by bagasse and other farm wastes. These are used as biomass to produce electricity. that help provide the energy needs of nearby communities by allowing them to tap into 1tle company’s power source through interconnection. With a growing production capability and capadty, matching its expanding global market coverage, Atty. Alcantara$ currently medium-sized company is seen to be well on its way to becoming large.